WaiterRant gets a bookdeal…more Internet fame

So yeah, just to follow up on my earlier post on the topic of internet fame – Waiter of the WaiterRant announced yesterday that he got a book deal off his blog. This guy has been one of the most successful bloggers around, yet succeeded in staying anonymous.

What strikes me funny about this is, about a year ago Waiter linked to another blog called Club Life, written by a NY club’s bouncer. Said blog immediately blew up huge because of the cross-over audience from Waiter. The Doorman (as he called himself for awhile) got a book deal a long time ago. But the blogger who really “made” him, the Waiter, only just now got a book deal.

I suspect the Waiter has been biding his time. I think he’s gotten several offers and is waiting on a good one, probably one that will protect his anonymity. In any case, congrats, Waiter! You earned it.


~ by mattbear on August 3, 2006.

One Response to “WaiterRant gets a bookdeal…more Internet fame”

  1. I enjoyed reading Waiter Rant (haven’t read it in a while), but I always questioned whether or not the author was actually writing about real experiences. Everything always seemed a bit too wrapped up and convenient. Not to say his stories were unbelievable, just unlikely at times.

    Still made for good reading, and I’m glad to hear he’ll be able to make some money off of his work.

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