Revisited: Laugh, Laugh You Sick Bastard…

So looks like this clip made it on the news over in Europe. What’s interesting is what those bloody wankers blame for the shit-dropping hilarity accident…


~ by zooloo on August 3, 2006.

7 Responses to “Revisited: Laugh, Laugh You Sick Bastard…”

  1. Some dude blames the government for not regulating the internet as well as ISPs, and he manages to do so with a straight face.

    I know I’d LOVE me some government regulated internet. They could call it FoxNet!

  2. Yes, it’s the internet’s fault, it’s the government’s fault for not censoring the internet, it’s the ISP’s fault for not censoring the website.

    Fucking tards.

    It’s the kids fault for being dipshits. As kids will be, always. And it some more dipshit kids imitate it (how stupid would they have to be?), you could put a little bit of the blame on the parents for not monitoring what their kids are doing, or perhaps not blocking YouTube, which definitely has stuff on it not appropriate for kids.

  3. Looks like Britain has a similar viewpoint to what we would expect to hear from our own media. It’s so common these days to come down on the ISP and the “ungoverning government.” The Internet is so much bigger than that. You don’t blame the newspaper delivery-boy for the depressing story on the front page.

    As with anything else that children do I find it much easier to draw attention to the parents first, and secondly the setting itself. This is a poorly designed playground toy that any sort of testing should have killed before it was built.

  4. “Royal Association of the Prevention of Accidents” Man I bet their holiday party is a real hoot.

  5. Well I think they should get rid of all so called (Merry-go-rounds)long ago. I remember falling off of one of those wicked inventions. Designed by the Devil I say.

  6. Anything that tastes good makes you fat and anything fun was probably designed by the devil…it’s not fair.

  7. I think I may be one of his unasuming minions if thats true.

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