On Internet fame

A couple weeks ago on my own blog (shameless self-promotion) I posted about Amanda Congdon leaving Rocketboom and pondered a bit on the topic of Internet fame, and how it differs from more “regular” fame. (How many links can I fit in a sentence?)

The esteemed Wall Street Journal has an article about that very topic. It’s clear that this kind of fame is booming with better and more accessible streaming video and audio, blogging, and podcasts. WSJ runs down some of the big hotshots right now, including my new favorite, TikiBar TV (new episode out, by the way).

But like most paper articles about online stuff, it misses the mark just a bit. This has been building up longer than they realize. In the article, they talk about the hottest “cross-over” to so-called mainstream media being some YouTube diva called “Brookers” who was signed recently by Carson Daly for some stuff. Earlier in the article, the author mentions the “Lazy Sunday” video as being inspiration for these net video vanguards – but misses the point completely in that one of the actors in the video (and the writers behind it) were hired onto SNL because of their own online video productions.

The signal-to-noise ratio for blogs, video blogs, and the like is getting quite high. How does one attain this internet fame? In some cases it is talent, or good looks, or just being in the right place at the right time. For some, it’s a mystery; in the WSJ article “Brookers” is quoted as saying, “I’ll never undertand it,” in relation to how it happened to her. How do you get noticed, and get above the riff-raff of MySpaces and YouTubes and Bloggers who just talk about their cats? And do you want to?

Do we want “Billy Ocean, Student Council Treasurer” to be a must-read blog for thousands? If so, how do we go about reaching that goal?


~ by mattbear on August 2, 2006.

6 Responses to “On Internet fame”

  1. Eh I’d be happy if Billy here got as many readers as our own personal blogs. Just funny stuff sprinkled with nuggets of sometimes arrogant wisdom for the few folks kind enough to read. If we really wanted this blog to reach thousands then it’s time we all meet and discuss some sort of strategy in how to accomplish this.

  2. (Constant) Content is king. That’s the only way any blog becomes successful. There has to a be a reason for a person put that blog on their daily reading list, and it’s new, quality content, and I even question how much “quality” plays in it.

    I’d love for Billy to get his own domain complete with ad revenue (and readers!), but that would as Wiwille alluded to, take a concerted effort and direction.

    I’d be up for it.

  3. I agree with the content comment (isn’t that a brand of tea?). I know that for something like this to be successful (for ourselves as well as any readers) it needs to be a steady thing. I like the blend of “articles” and little funny videos and links. I myself like variety, and I think that it’s a good way to keep it interesting.

    We sure can meet and figure things out as well, if we want.

  4. i would like to see our blog site blow up to the likes of other popular blogs, but it’s going to be somewhat of a challenge considering what’s already out there. i see this more of a pet project more than anything, and if it becomes popular among the masses, then good for us. otherwise, it’s certainly great entertainment to pass the long hours at the office.

    i’m down to collaborate on this as well. after all, it’s for Billy.

  5. Well guys, you are on your way. You are on the second page of Google when you query for “Billy Ocean”. Better prepare for fame! I don’t want to see any of you crash your ’95 Saturns in the middle of the night because you were drunk and stoned.

  6. […] As someone named Traci (a stranger, I assume) points out in a recent comment on an old post, BOSCT now shows up on the second page of results if you Google “Billy Ocean”. We are in fact, number 16 in those results, right behind the supposedly funny and factless wiki Uncyclopedia. (As an aside, we’re number 4 if you Google “Student Council Treasurer”). Now, I don’t expect us to climb to high on the Google ranks of searches for ol’ Billy. But wouldn’t it be funny if we could top the Official Billy Ocean website (number 7 result). Posted by mattbear Filed in The Intarweb […]

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