In fat news…


In a recent polling of obese Americans apparently 74% of them believe they have healthy eating habits as well as 40% claim to involve themselves in rigorous exercise three times a week.

If you consider rigorous exercise walking up a flight of stairs and lifting yourself out of your car I guess you’d be correct. Apparently there may be some denial going on here, because after all they’re not fat, just big boned.

What’s even more interesting is the calculations the article uses to determine obesity. According to the article if you’re 5’10 and weigh over between 174-208 you’re overweight. 209 and over you are clinically obese. Call me Jabba.

How did we become such a nation of fatties? I’m constantly bombarded with advertisements selling weight loss solutions, but I think I’m going to market a new fad for the fitness camp. It’s called…wait for it…”Eat Right and Exercise”. I think it’ll sell.

Survey: Most obese claim to eat healthy


~ by wiwille on August 2, 2006.

3 Responses to “In fat news…”

  1. Well, I do know a number of fat people who think they are relatively healthy. However, the common definitions of obesity rely solely on a height/weight ratio, and an unrealistic ratio at that. It does not take into account different body types.

    I’ve been having my body fat percentage measured by my trainer for awhile now. My “lean mass” – no fat – is 197 pounds. Yet according to the Body Mass Index, my lean weight alone makes me obese.

    My point here is that while the number of overweight people, the amount by which we’re overweight, and the denial we have about it are all on the rise, the data in this polling is questionable. What are they using to determine obesity? The BMI? If they are using any straight height/weight ratio as a determinant, than their data is incorrect to begin with.

  2. Mattbear – You know that really got me interested. My BMI states that I’m clinically obese. For it’s numbers I should be under 174 lbs. With my build? I would have to have muscles removed to weight that.

    Yeah the data is extremley flawed considering I’m now considered obese according to the Center for Disease Control. It would be interesting to see the BMIs of the people polled though. We are; however, growing a nation of co-dependant apethitic yuppies who can’t seem to pull themselves away from American Idol to hit the treadmill for a half hour a day. It’s sad really.

  3. Is this sort of 65% of people believing that they are drivers of above average skill?

    The weights Eric put in the original article are in fact based on the BMI calculation. Bear in mind that by that same calculator he (and I, as I’m also 5’10”) could weigh as little as 129 and still be within normal weight.

    BMI is indeed a flawed system. It doesn’t take into account age, body type, race, or even sex! There are a few other ideal weight equations out there. It seems like the Robinson method is at least a little bit better, at least for men. It still leaves out a lot of important factors, though. Nothing will quite compare to getting this tested by a nutritionist or you general practitioner.

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