I say kill em.

Stephen King

Now in what may seem like sacrilege to folks like Matt, I’m no Stephen King fan. Quite the opposite in fact. I believe he does have a vivid imagination, but a sixth grade reading level. That being said he’s a far better writer than I’ll ever be.

Now the master of pulp horror has made his opinions known about the current Harry Potter craze. Fellow author John Irving and him have pleaded with JK Rowling to not kill off Harry Potter in her last book. She offer no promises of course.

Now I for one am all for the death of the annoying wizard. In fact kill them all off as far as I’m concerned. I’m so damn sick of everyone telling me these long winded horribly paced books are fine literature that the sooner Harry dies the better.

Now I only wish authors would convince Stephen King to stop writing.

Authors to Rowling: Don’t kill Harry Potter


~ by wiwille on August 2, 2006.

6 Responses to “I say kill em.”

  1. I deliver unto you a semi-amen. I’m no fan of King, but I’m sure he does what he does well. It’s pulpy , popcorn reading. He creates the literary equivalent of a Jerry Bruckheimer film: big budgets, larger than life characters, but ultimately a shitty ending with no real substance throughout.

    I’ve never read a Potter book, but again, despite the howlings of adults, these books aren’t for them. They’re for “young adults” and therefore I think the standard for quality is slightly lower.

    Killing the hero’s kinda uncool, though. Can’t he just relax or get laid in the last book?

  2. I despise the Potter books. I think they are insulting to the intelligence of kids, and shame the adults who read them (which includes my own lovely wife, I am afraid to say). Potter is a useless “made” hero. Things happen to him, but nothing is actually ever done by him. Whether she kills him or not, I don’t care…I only care that the series will end and hopefully I will hear less about the shit stories and be forced to see bits of the lame movies less.

    As to King, I actually agree with you that he should stop writing. His writing got weak several years ago; everything I’ve read that came out after Nightmares and Dreamscapes was pretty much shit. I loves me some Shining or Misery, but Dreamcatcher? That was so lame, it made Dean Koontz look good.

  3. The only Stephen King book I’ve read is The Stand. It seems that most people are shocked when I tell them that. The majority of people out there apparently have read dozens of his books. I liked The Stand a lot, but it didn’t really make me want to go grab another King book.

    I have read the first three Harry Potter books, I have to confess. Oddly enough, many more people are much more shocked to hear that. They can’t seem to understand that I don’t have an urge to read any more of them.

    I think that books above most other media are very subject to a brainwashing effect. If friends or other groups tell me I should like a book then I am prone to liking it. I bet there are hundreds of other authors out there that are at least as worthy of the publicity that Rowling has gotten, but somehow the missed the boat.

  4. I heard a rumor that Disney might be making a Harry Potter theme park? I imagine that it would do very well for a while, but in the long run it would flop.

  5. Awesome! Stephen King your so freakin kool and I love your movies where do you come up with the ideas? well your awesome!!!!!
    email sometime cuty_pie_1993@yahoo.com

  6. Paige I also like Steven Kings movies. Which is your favorite?
    Love Your DAD!

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