Drop it like it’s hot

This is the kind of idea that is really intriguing to me, for better or worse. A German non-profit organization is undertaking a project to share thoughts and opinions from thinkers and influential people from around the world. What I really like is that they give registrants the option to submit their own questions, vote on existing questions, and help decide who will actually participate as a speaker in the “Table of Free Voices” in Berlin on Sept 9 of this year.
This seems like the kind of thing that could end up being totally cool or completely flop, depending on a number of factors. The questions would have to be thought-provoking as well as broad enough that most people will find something to engage them. The participants should be influential but also suited enough to the format that they can express their views well.

Dropping Knowledge

Overall I think this has potential, and I like the idea. I’m gonna go vote on some questions now.


~ by nhak on August 2, 2006.

3 Responses to “Drop it like it’s hot”

  1. Pretty cool. Don’t know if it will make a bit of difference anywhere, but still cool. An open-source thinktank.

    We should come up with a question (a legit, thoughtful one) and all vote for it to pump it up – it seems like right now it only takes a handful of votes to get one top-ranked.

  2. I like this. I wish something like this could be used in a forum of our current politics. Say open question to the state or national House Representatives. Maybe it won’t make it difference, but it would be nice to have an open forum for the public to speak directly to the power players.

  3. […] I have posted about Dropping Knowledge before. You all know my interest in this forum, so this is really just a follow-up. The event happens on Sept 12, and they’ve posted a list of most of the participants. I’m impressed with the list, which includes Bill Joy, Tavis Smiley, Benjamin Fahrer, and DJ Spooky. Oh, and Willem Dafoe apparently is moderating along with Hafsat Abiola. (You can learn more about all these individuals at the Dropping Knowledge site.) […]

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