Changing lifestyle sucks!

So here’s what I hate about some close-minded people (originally read “…hate about America” but I decided to not pigeonhole the entire country).

I was looking at some science articles while watching a recent Discovery Channel show about global warming. I thought, you know, I oughta learn a bit more about this. It might be kinda big, ya know? So I load up the Intarweb, stored on a neat little 3.5″ floppy I have, to do some research. Among my various search results I found this gem. I can understand that some people are unwilling to change their driving habits, or shop for local food, or even turn off a light as they leaveĀ  a room. I’ve been exposed to that enough and I’m pretty used to it. But this is a whole new level of stupidity.


~ by nhak on August 1, 2006.

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