Bands #1: OK Go

OK Go is a band based in Chicago. I like their music for the energy as much as for the new cleaner garage band sensibility.

They’ve been around in the indie music scene longer than I’ve been following it, so they might not be news to everyone. I don’t know much of their older stuff, so I can’t give a comparison. I would liken their 2005 Oh No album to work by Franz Ferdinand or perhaps The Walkmen.

Sometimes you just gotta put on an album to dance around to. This will suffice just fine, thank you. It seems that they feel the need to demonstrate how well their music matches to just movin’ about, though. Below is one of a couple of videos they’ve made grooving to their own music.


~ by nhak on August 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “Bands #1: OK Go”

  1. These guys are great. I first heard ’em with their song “Get Over It”, which saw minor radio play, while another song of theirs gets common play at home, “Oh Lately It’s So Quiet”. Fine, hooky pop music.

  2. […] I’ve posted about Ok Go before. I’ve been listening to their Oh No! CD a lot lately, and it seems like they’re gettin’ more media play as well. They actually had an advertising spot before this game, where they had teamed up with then network to promote watching football on that station (which I was already doing, thank you very much). The thing is, they had reworked one of their songs (Invincible) for this ad. They changed the first line from ” When they finally come to destroy the earth they’ll have to go through you first” to “When they finally come to claim the turf, they’ll have to defeat you first” or something like that. […]

  3. […] or lyrics of the song, or something that is just plain cool and original (like the OK Go video I posted about a while […]

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