Those Biters…

It’s either a quaint coincidence that they have also posted a blog about hot product models (a la my now coined “Hot Import Gadget Models” blog series), or someone at Gizmodo has realized the influential power of Billy Ocean, SCT. So this week, I’ll let you take a look at their blog and let you decide who has the better picks. I personally think mine are of much higher quality, though they share some of the same pictures I’ve already showcased in the past couple weeks.

You read now!


~ by zooloo on July 31, 2006.

2 Responses to “Those Biters…”

  1. I think they even copied one of your model choices. Their number 5 appears to be the same models from the last picture of your HIGM #2.

  2. I’ve got the eggs. Do you know where they live?

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