Must Learn…

I wish I knew this trick when my ex broke up with me. I would’ve left her ass this way.


~ by zooloo on July 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Must Learn…”

  1. I do believe that is Chris Angel. He does some wicked tricks. He always does this whacked-out-mystic persona in interviews and stuff, and claims that it’s real magic.

  2. It’s “Criss” and yeah, his performance persona is as if David Copperfield listened to bad metal music.

    I know it’s showmanship or whatever, but why do magicians try to pass off their shit as some sort of mystical gift or some shit. Where’s the magician that says “Hey, wanna see something totally freaky? Check THIS shit out!” and then smiles and laughs and whatnot. These guys, the Angels and the Blaines, all act like they’re summoning actual magical power to accomplish their parlor tricks.


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