In the family jewels?

Japan has the best television. American TV execs could really take a few lessons from them regarding how to make a great gameshow…


~ by willtuck on July 28, 2006.

3 Responses to “In the family jewels?”

  1. Alright, I give up. I just don’t get the Japanese. At all. So many Americans are fascinated with their culture, but I just think they’re batshit insane.

  2. What you see is the result of a country that’s technologically developed and not concerned with advancing any sort of ideology. They’re doing fine (well, their economic situation isn’t always great) and have the luxury of focusing on other things, some great and some fairly weird. I dig ’em, and I’d watch a channel of Japanese television programming (the weirder stuff) for days.

  3. I agree with the technologically advanced without an overarching theological or ideological path to follow. I don’t see how that jives with Brazilian and other South American television. Some of that stuff is quite strange as well, though not quite as notorious as Japanese television.

    That said, I love the guy in pink with the best bowl haircut ever.

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