I Like to Watch

One of the things I enjoy about the web is how pervasive video is becoming. TV Networks and Movie Studios are finally coming around to the idea of digitial distribution of their products, but leave it to the people to take matters into their own hands and make their own shows. Below are a few I watch regularly.

Hosted by Kevin Rose (former Tech TV host, creator of digg.com) and Alex Albrecht (also from Tech TV, G4), this show consists solely of the hosts sitting on a couch, drinking beer (a different brand each episode) and talking about some of the top stories posted on Digg.com. The guys are geeks, but they’re genuine and passionate about tech. It’s very informal and extremely low-budget, so watching this 45-60 minute show is sort of like hanging out with a couple of cool geeks.

The Show
Hosted by a guy who goes by the name “ZeFrank”, this daily (mon-fri) show features an unblinking Ze talking about whatever he wants. Sometimes, he’ll create a little song (he’s a talented songwriter) or discuss a strange project he’s launched (see: Earth Sandwich and I knows me some ugly myspace). Usually he’ll talk about current events, distilling complex subjects down to their core using a mix of humor and fact.

Everyone knows about Rocketboom. The (once?) big player in the “Vlog”, or video-blog world, it remains to be seen if Rocketboom will hold on to the title after the ugly split of not-so-ugly host Amanda Congdon. Many argue she defined Rocketboom and was responsible for its success.

Tikibar TV
I mentioned this one in an earlier post (“Getcho Drink Awn”) but it’s really worth watching if for nothing else than the dangerously attractive female third of the cast, Lala. Nevermind that it has decent prodution, a few laughs and some tasty drink recipes.

Ask a Ninja
Inconsistently funny as all hell but still worth checking out is Ask a Ninja, wherein a lone, slightly pudgy masked ninja sits in front of a simple, one color backdrop and answers viewer questions with outlandish, often hilarious responses. Done right, this guy could parlay his writing skills to television. He’s also involved with the not so funny one-trick-pony Hope is Emo.

More geeks! The two hosts also have former television backrgrounds (both from “The Screen Savers”, a well loved Tech TV show that has morphed over the years into the now unwatchable “Attack of the Show” on G4), but they’re decidedly more nerdy and less fun to watch. One of the hosts, Peter Norton, also has a very annoying anti-Microsoft lean, so listening to the jabs and pokes at the software giant can get old, but there’s still some good content here, usually in the form of hands-on product reviews.

Cool Hunting
This show is usally short, a few minutes long, and is less a show than it is a teeny tiny showcase for a particular artist (designer, painter, scultor, musician) or event. It’s a great place to see or hear some things you might not have come across otherwise and it’s length doesn’t require any huge investment of time. The regular Cool Hunting site is great as well.

What shows am I missing? Post the shows you enjoy in the comments.


~ by willtuck on July 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “I Like to Watch”

  1. Pure Pwnage, the show that spawned FPS Doug! I love that one. I don’t think they’ve done a new episode in a long time. This is fairly different from most of the others you have posted here, but it is damn funny.

    I have to say, I love TikiBar TV. I’ve watched every episode, and I am going to subscribe to it on the ol’ iTunes. There is talk on their forums about having an event (TikiCon) in Vancouver, which I would definitely go to. However it has been indefinitely postponed due to logistics issues.

    Lala is damn fine. I think one of the lessons to be learned from TikiBar and Rocketboom is, you need a hot chick on your show. This is a bummer, as I want to do a couple of intarweb shows, but I am not a hot chick.

  2. Doh! Forgot all about Pure Pwnage, prolly because there’s such a long period of time between new episodes. But yeah, that’s a good one.

    The formula “Hot chick + _________ = awesome” is pretty universal, not just for intarweb shows.

  3. Oh man- how can you NOT mention It’s Jerrytime (www.itsjerrytime.com). It doesn’t come out too often, but when it does, it’s a friggin riot. They have 8 episodes up.

  4. I’m always up to find a new videoblog (I’m still not comfortable using the term “vlog”). Lately I’ve been keeping an eye on Momentshowing. It’s a blog to help promote videoblogs.

    I also just found the T-Bird Show. I have no idea how often it’s posted, so I don’t know if it’s worth a regular check. The production is sort of random and can be annoying, but I like the celebrities they feature.

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