Yellow-brained androids

More work from genius CGI director Neill Blomkamp, the short film auteur behind Tetra Vaal and Alive in Joburg. I really wanted to post his funny short, Temp Bot, but can’t seem to find a viable link for it anywhere. “Yellow” is apparently part of some Adidas ad campaign called Adicolor that “celebrates” color and individuality. Jenna Jameson apparently appears in one (White, I am guessing; but I couldn’t pick Jameson out of a line up).


~ by mattbear on July 27, 2006.

4 Responses to “Yellow-brained androids”

  1. I’ve seen some of these “color” shorts. Pink and Black are especially…unnerving. Good post.

  2. Woah! She’s wearing clothes.

  3. Also,
    I was able to find Tempbot.

    I also discovered that Neill apparently did that cool Citroen transformer commercial a while back.

  4. […] Neill Blomkamp, the amazing CGI effects genius and director whose work I have posted about before, has just been named Director of the “Halo” movie. Those fanboys over at Ain’t It Cool News scored an interview. […]

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