Guitar Wolf vs The Zombies!

Take one part “Night of the Living Dead”, one part “Hard Day’s Night” and mix well. Sprinkle “The Crying Game” and “Repo Man” lightly over the top and stir gently with a Gibson Les Paul. Freeze, ship to Japan and serve. Congratulations, you’ve just made a “Wild Zero“.

This Japanese film is the story of Ace and his friends, the band Guitar Wolf. For those of you not familiar with Guitar Wolf, it’s 3 Japanese guys (Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf (RIP) and Drums Wolf) who are stuck in the 50s (leather jackets, greaser haircuts, moody James Dean-ish looks) mixed with the punk sensibilities of the 70s. Seems a meteorite has landed in the sleepy town of Asahi, causing the dead to rise and look for some brains. Sound familiar? There are some other plots (a hermaphrodite love story, a possible alien invasion, a corrupt, weird club owner seeking revenge), but really the focus is on the almost mystical Guitar Wolf as they rush to the aid of their “Rock n Roll Blood Brother” (Guitar Wolf’s words) Ace as he tries to protect his new hermaphrodite girl/boyfriend.

This movie isn’t good, but it’s also not as bad as it might sound. It’s the perfect movie for a group of folks to sit around and watch without paying too much attention (except for the subtitles), but Guitar Wolf are genuinely cool dudes and there are some funny scenes. When Ace first learns his new love has man parts down below, he becomes conflicted and runs. Guitar Wolf appears to him in a vision and says “ACE! Love has no borders, nationalities, or genders!” I think we could all learn something from that.



~ by willtuck on July 27, 2006.

One Response to “Guitar Wolf vs The Zombies!”

  1. Wow…just…wow. Those Japanese folk are weird.

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