So apparently it’s really popular lately in Seattle to compare donut shops. I imagine there are lots of local shops that everyone likes, and will swear by until they eat them for years and become vaguely donut-shaped themselves. This might be related to the coffee-craze in Seattle. Donuts are quite nice accompaniment to a good cup of coffee. I can understand sticking to the big guys of Krispy Kreme, Top Pot, and Mighty-O. Full disclosure: I live a block from Top Pot, and that played no small part in my final apartment selection. They are my absolute favorite.

So if I were to do a comparison myself… well, I guess I just covered that, didn’t I?


~ by nhak on July 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “Donut-ty!”

  1. I second your assesment. Top Pot rules! And they have good coffee too.

  2. Every else > Krispy Kreme, and this includes donuts from grocery stores.

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