You can’t even name a Ramones song, take that shirt off…

As a XXL guy, finding nice t-shirts that don’t accentuate the flabalanche can be hard. While I work on slimming my “profile”, check out some of these online shirt merchants. Note: I’m not a big fan of funny sayings or super ironic crap on t-shirts. To me they’re the equivalent of being that guy who wears a lampshade on his head at a party. Only, he’s now left the party and is walking the streets inflicting his dumb shit on innocents.

The grandfather of cool online shirt stores. Every design is submitted by regular folks and then voted on by the community. The top designs get put into production and made available to you, the consumer. It can sometimes be hard to find the popular designs, but they’ll often do reprints.

A newer kid on the block, Oddica has some nice shirts but I think their designers try a bit too hard to be funny/ironic sometimes. It’s a fine line between “interesting” and “Jesus, no.”

Ten Bills
The name is a reference to the price, as all the shirts here are 10 bucks. They’ve got some really nice designs, and the site is laid out well. One to keep an eye on.

Digital Gravel
DG usually leans more towards the hip hop world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some tasty shirts. They carry tons of designers, and if you look long enough, you’re bound to find something. Lotsa good stuff here.

What other sites should be on this list?


~ by willtuck on July 25, 2006.

5 Responses to “You can’t even name a Ramones song, take that shirt off…”

  1. I have been most pleased with Threadless so far. Their designs are cool, and the shirts are high quality. I have found a few other sites that I’m pondering ordering from next time, though.

    I recently found Go Ape Shirts , and they have some cool designs.

    80s Tees is not really my style, but they do have a huge selection of movie, video game, and other 80s memories.

    White Frog has some cool shirts, too. I especially like their recent 789 one.

  2. I like Pirate Mod. Not as “cool” as Threadless or some of those, but they got pirate stuff. Lots of pirate stuff. I particularly like the “Jolly Roger III” design.

  3. I’d get “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Milk!” for Madeline to wear.

    Mom prolly wouldn’t approve, though.

  4. You can always get this one. Maybe. I bet you could pull it off.

  5. “Flabalanche.” Nice.

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