Rudimentary Secret Message Techniques 101

Last night I watched NBC’s “Treasure Hunters” (reality TV is sort of my weakness), and during this particular episode, each team eventually acquired a large piece of parchment with a clue on it and tons of blank space. They then found themselves in a church, filled with candles, looking for an artifact that would secure their spot in the game. It was fairly obvious to anyone who’s ever read a Hardy Boys book as a kid that you were supposed to lightly “burn” the parchment from the bottom to reveal hidden text, but nobody, not even the ex-CIA team knew to do it until 3 hours later. How do you go through CIA school and not at least have a passing familiarity with the history of hiding information?

Maybe they were ex-Culinary Institute of America students….


~ by willtuck on July 25, 2006.

3 Responses to “Rudimentary Secret Message Techniques 101”

  1. Lemon juice!

  2. Or urine. Whichever.

    I like to pronounce it “You-Rine” as in “Budweiser tastes like you-rine”.

  3. Looks like the Aryan Brotherhood watched that episode and learned a little something. Too bad they put it towards such uses, though.

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