The brutal heat lately has made me want to go swimming, but in Seattle, that’s not always easy to do. Sure, I could go down to the local “community pool” (and deal with screaming kids playing/pissing/shitting) in the water, but I’d rather just linger in the sprinkler spray in my front yard.

There is, however, a painter that can capture the look of water so well it’s almost like taking a swim looking at his work. His name is Eric Zener and if I could afford to buy “art”, I’d own something by him. As it is, I’ll stick to my “Hang in there!” kitten poster and black velvet Elvis.

This post has nothing to do with farts but I needed a title.


~ by willtuck on July 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “(f)art(s)”

  1. I don’t know, it kinda looks like that girl farted and now the fart bubbles are drifting up above her head. It’s a well-timed painting. He must have waited for hours while she summoned the urge. Then when the bubbles were in mid-rise, he quickly snapped an acrylic snapshot.

  2. Some people say “Nick? No class.” but I say “Nick? He’s got class out the ass so go SCREW YERSELF, BUDDY!”

    Then the waiter usually asks me to leave.

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