Alone together

Technology’s cool, ain’t it? It lets people connect in ways that would have been impossible 10 years ago. Chat, e-mail, playing video games together, all good shit. But I think while it’s enabling people to meet and interact with other like-minded folks, it’s also pushing them away from each other. Social skills are declining and people are forgetting how to talk to each other. There’s a whole new generation of folks that will have grown up with all this at their fingertips. They don’t know what it means to communicate without a cellphone or an IM client and I think they’ll be worse for it.

This post was inspired by Spleak, this sort of “virtual friend” for MSN Messenger. You just add “Spleak” to your friends list and you can do all sorts of stuff with “her” (Spleak’s obviously a girls name), like play games or just practice your cybermackin’ skills.

I can understand why something like this gets made, and I’m sure there are tons of guys out there who can’t wait to type something obscene to Spleak, but it’s kind of a bummer because it’s one step closer towards not genuinely interacting with anyone.

The future (might) blow.


~ by willtuck on July 25, 2006.

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