Pirates on screen

I bet you think I’m going to post about Pirates of the Caribbean 2, right? Or perhaps the old classic Swiss Family Robinson? You couldn’t be more wrong. I’m much more interested in seeing this fine gem:

If anybody has this movie and is willing to part with it for a few days so I can share in the magic, just let me know. I’m not even going to try a video store…

Speaking of old flicks, I just watched On The Waterfront. Now that’s a movie! A classic movie that tells a story from a time gone by. Back when men were Marlon Brando, women went on to play Superman’s mother, soundtracks were blaring cacophony by Leonard Bernstein, and people could wear the same clothes day after day without social exile. That said, I really enjoyed it. The story was powerful, though there were some obvious differences between the ’50s and today.

The acting was quite good, especially from Marlon Brando and Karl Malden (the priest). They really are very talented individuals, and I respect their acting chops as much as anybody these days.


~ by nhak on July 24, 2006.

4 Responses to “Pirates on screen”

  1. Kristy McNichol?

    I’d hit it. 1980’s style (orange fluorescent headband, legwarmers and Olivia Newton-John singin’ “Xanadu” on the hi-fi)

  2. How did you comment from the future?

  3. Dude..Netflix has this. It’s on DVD.
    That is scary.

  4. Pirates 2 pretty much sucked compared to the first one. It had a few good parts, but I think it was just a prelude to the 3rd one. I hope number 3 is better!

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