The art of fighting without fighting

Free wireless kicks. I’m trying to avoid the heat by enjoying an icy beverage and hiding under a big tree outside of my favorite coffee shop.

On another subject, I’m interested in changing the way I manage my Internet favorites. I would like to have some site I can visit that shows all my favorites. I know that there are lots of RSS aggregators out there, but that’s not really enough. A fair amount of my common sites are not blogs, but informational sites I just don’t want to remember (like Busmonster). If this site also did RSS, then that’s definitely a bonus. Another important point is that I would like it to easily allow me to just import my current browser favorite list. I don’t want to have to rebuild it or anything, I’d like to just upload the file and it’s folder structure. I’m willing to face it, I’m lazy.

Does anyone have any such a resource? I have tried searching, but I don’t really know what terms to use to find this.


~ by nhak on July 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “The art of fighting without fighting”

  1. Check out Netvibes. It has an option to import favorites, along with all the typical RSS feature set of any other AJAX/Web 2.0 site.

  2. Well that sorta worked, but not entirely. Netvibes must not have found my organization structure to be as friendly as I did. Instead it decided to change it up entirely and leave out some links entirely. The hunt goes on.

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