Moving Pictures

Usually, I get all my movie trailer fixes by way of The Moviebox, but lately, the ads and popups combined with links that sometimes don’t work has led me to look for another source. I stumbled across Trailers for the Masses today while looking for a trailer to Hilary Swanks post-Oscar-curse (see: Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding) film, The Reaping. While not as exhaustive as The Moviebox, I like that all the trailers are collected on the site in flash (typically iFilm), so I don’t have to go bouncing around the net to find it (Apple’s site is nice, but Quicktime performance at work is iffy).


~ by willtuck on July 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “Moving Pictures”

  1. I usually just go to Apple.

    I did try out your fancy newfangled site though, and it’s alright. I’m more pleased with ifilm than I used to be.

    The first trailer I watched was for “Children of Men”. It looked alright, and I do like Michael Caine. I just watched the original “Italian Job” last night. Good flick, that.

  2. Hillary Swank actually had two post-oscar curses. After her first Oscar, she did “The Core”.

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