All in the name of efficiency

I so want to try this! Alas, I wore shoes without laces today. I’ll have to wait with bated breath until I get home. (Also featured in the new and arguably not improved Rocketboom 2.0)


~ by nhak on July 21, 2006.

5 Responses to “All in the name of efficiency”

  1. i’d rather tie my shoes like this:

  2. ok let’s try this again (link only)

  3. Tying one’s shoes is so lame. That’s why I’ve moved on to velcro. My shoes also have tiny pockets in them for spare change, like 1 quarter. They’re called “Kangaroos” but for some reason, I’ve heard people call them Bobos. While they’re not Bobos, if Bobos have the same functionality, I’d certainly like to see if they might be a better purchase than my Kangaroos. *RRRRIIIIPPP*

  4. Dude, I had Kangaroos! Those shoes were awesome. All my friends had the ones with pockets on the side, but mine had the pocket in the tongue. I was way cooler.

  5. Elitist.

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