I trick you!

Enter: Cyril Takayama, one of Japan’s most famous street magicians. Some of the tricks he pulls off are beyond reason. Here’s a clip that might make your brain ooze out of your ears:

(note: clip is entirely in Japanese without subtitles)


~ by zooloo on July 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “I trick you!”

  1. This trick is so easy. There’s obviously a trained goldfish watching everything on a tiny video screen embedded in a sunken pirateship (next to the diver guy with the bubbles). Once a card is chosen, the goldfish recreates the signature on an appropriate card from a deck hidden under a giant (plastic) clam in the tank and sticks the card to the inside of the tank with goldfish spit. Duh! What a hack!

  2. Plus his name is Cyril. I’m unfamiliar with that as a traditional Japenese name. I’m automatically untrusting of this magician’s work.

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